All-Star Cleansing Velvet


A powerfully gentle multi-purpose performer – perfect for achieving a morning glow or fighting the aging effects of makeup, grime and free radicals. As smooth as yoghurt, this chameleonesque cleanser effectively purifies – one step, two ways.

Luxurious french rose clay detoxifies while bringing out a younger looking complexion and bolstering skin barrier function. By far the cleverest cleanser around.



French Rose Clay, Kaolin Clay, Aloe Vera Juice, Lavandin, Brazillian Sweet Orange

How to use

Use it two ways. Purify your skin daily in the morning and evening as a gentle cleanser. As your daily cleanser – emulsify a small amount with wet hands, gently massage onto damp face, rinse well and pat dry.

For a deep cleanse or for removing light makeup – massage gently onto dry skin, cleanse with wet cotton pad, rinse well and pat dry. For full makeup – use Perfect 10 Makeup Remover prior to cleansing.

Follow with refreshing Rose Hydramist Toning Water for healthy, luminous skin.

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