Confessions from a former shopaholic

September 4, 2014


Salespeople are always amazed at how quickly and accurately I shop – saving time, money and even closet space.

I confess, I was once a bona-fide shopaholic. At its peak, I once had a credit card bill that came to almost exactly yet ever so slightly over my entire month’s salary – which means I actually spent more than my salary because in HK we pay salary tax once a year and so we … Continued

Do You Dare Drink?

August 16, 2014


When I first started searching for answers about healthily living over 10 years ago, it was as if I was looking for the holy grail, the Truth. And in that time I found out so much I became a fanatic about everything that I used. However, over the years I have mellowed out – not because what I learned was incorrect, but because unless I move to a self-sustaining organic farm in the middle of… New Zealand, perhaps?

My Mother, My Guardian Angel

August 11, 2014

I have a few distinct memories of my childhood – feeling very much alone and not understood by anyone, and wondering why I was the only one among my classmates to have to walk to and from school by myself in kindergarten (both parents were at work, a latchkey kid as most of us were at the time).

New Stage, New Life, New Page

August 10, 2014

Since leaving corporate life in 2009, I have consciously kept my two work lives – Evie Beauté and Evie Consulting – completely separate, if only for the practical reason of avoiding confusion among clients.