Our Story


Beauty leads to a natural confidence which gives us courage to put our heart and soul into achieving our deepest wishes and most
inspired dreams.”

Evie – brings out the best in every woman – without changing who they are, meanwhile, encouraging them to maintain an optimistic attitude, adhere to ideals and perfectionism. The modern women enjoyed the fruits of a fulfilling career in the corporate world, which – although rewarding – eventually took a toll on their flawless skins as time passed. Evie concocted its skincare line in leading laboratories around the globe. Evie’s dream of enhancing beauty in every woman was realized. Always believing in driving true results – Evie is able to fulfill a simple premise – beauty always has a purpose.


Beauty is more than just looks – it has a purpose. It enhances each individual’s potential, encouraging women to possess a confidence to enrich their life’s journey.”

Evie reflects its values and the abiding passion for life and wellness.

Evie represents confidence, self-discovery, happiness and all things from which true beauty stems from – It is a simple yet complete skincare wardrobe – a collection of purposeful beauty essentials that are created with nature’s finest, most skin-loving ingredients, highly nutritive active formulations and patented revolutionary technologies – all of uncompromising quality that simply work wonders.

A life-inspired, affordable luxury that completely fulfills the skincare needs of modern women and beauty rituals that are timeless, tried and true.

Life is simply too short not to love yourself the right way. It’s never just about vanity – how we look always affects our outlook. At Evie, we are deeply dedicated to making women’s lives more positive, healthier and more beautiful so that you can effortlessly capture that elusive inner glow.


A mindset. It is in the spirit. True beauty always smiles.”