Our Brand

Evie has deep versed in the beauty secrets of women. The brand reflects the abiding passion for life and wellness, a life-inspired, affordable luxury to fulfill the needs of the modern woman.

Evie was born not only out of love but also out of necessity.

The years of accumulated stress and an unhealthy lifestyle took a marked toll on the skin of modern women. There was an abundance of luxury skincare products on the market, but none of which could satisfy their needs.

Evie, a  high performance formulation was developed to address the root causes of their skincare concerns and genuinely heal the skin – for both immediate and long-term results, fulfilling the philosophy that skincare should enhance both the skin’s short term and long term beauty, not sacrificing one for the other.

In 2005, the signature product of Evie – now known as the Perfect 10 Makeup Remover was introduced, the Evie story officially began. The name Evie Beauté represents “E” for Energy and “Vie” French for Life and Beauty.

The brand was soon picked up by international luxury lifestyle retailer Harvey Nichols. And is now available in Canada, Hong Kong and Macau – as well as online internationally.

In 2015 – a decade since its inception, a stronger platform was developed around Evie to build on existing brand presence and strong word of mouth buzz. The Evie collection has been redefined – with a focused obsession on nature’s most skin-loving ingredients and patented revolutionary technologies – all of uncompromising quality for definitive results.

Evie is a comprehensive collection – a simple yet complete skincare wardrobe – each piece is the little black dress of skincare, playing a timeless and essential role in a streamlined regimen that just never goes out of style. These treasures are a true labor of love – they are the result of Natalie’s work with leading laboratories from around the globe, a commitment to purposeful, highly nutritive active formulations and an unending resource of the finest, inspired ingredients that simply work wonders.